PCB Library Expert - USER GUIDE

Download & Install

1. Download the program from here - http://www.pcblibraries.com/downloads

2. The installer is in a ZIP file that will be placed in your "Downloads" folder.

3. In Windows Explorer, unzip the file - Library_Expert_2015_Pro_.zip

4. Install the program by Double Click on - Install_LibraryExpert2015_PRO.exe

5. You may get this "Security Warning". Select the "Run" button:

6. The installation program checks for an existing installation and if it finds one, it will automatically uninstall the program.

7. The PCB Libraries Library Expert installation starts with this window. Select "Next":

8. The License Agreement window will appear next. Select "Yes" button and then select "Next":

9. The installation "Destination Folder" dialog box appears. This allows you to install the software in a folder of your choice. But it is highly recommended that you use the default installation folder. Select the "Next" button:

10. The "Set Program Shortcuts" window will appear and allow you a choice to place a new desktop icon on your computer screen. Select the "Next" button:

11. A "Confirm Setup Settings" window will appear indicating the "Target Directory", the "Start/Program Menu Entry" and the "Desktop Shortcut". Select the "Next" button:

12. Copying Files:

13. The "Setup Complete" dialog box will appear. Select the "Finish" button:

14. By default, the installation will create a Desktop Icon - Library Expert:

15. Double Click on the Desktop Icon will start the program and display this splash screen during opening the program:

16.  When the program opens the main toolbar is on the top and the task bar on the bottom displays the Default and User Preference names: