PCB Footprint Expert - USER GUIDE

Enterprise Evaluation (Cloud License Key Setup)

If you haven't done so already, contact us and request your account be changed to "Evaluation" status (you must be registered).

1. Download Footprint Expert Enterprise / Evaluation:
    - Footprint Expert: www.PCBLibraries.com/downloads
         (use 'Enterprise' / 'Evaluation' version, not one of the free versions!)

2. Unzip and install the Footprint Expert.

3. Obtain an Expert Cloud License Key, then specify the Key information in the Footprint Expert.

     a. Login at www.PCBLibraries.com

     b. If you do not have a key, click this button:

     c. When you have an Expert Key, you will see something like this:

     d. Start the Footprint Expert Enterprise Cloud Edition, and go to "Help" > "Cloud Key Activation", then enter your Email and Expert Key as provided to you on PCBLibraries.com, and click "Save".