PCB Footprint Expert - USER GUIDE

PCB Footprint Expert to OrCAD Layout

The PCB Footprint Expert for OrCAD Layout produces ASCII-file output (*.min) for one component or (if the batch-create option is used) multiple components.

- This *.min file must be imported to Layout via the menu "FILE/IMPORT/MIN INTERCHANGE" and saved in binary library-format (*.llb)

- The resulting *.llb file can be processed like a normal library in the Library Editor.

The *.min database format can be used from OrCAD Layout 9.0 on. Previous versions to 9.0 are NOT supported since they use a different database format.

1. Run Orcad Layout and select File / Import / MIN Interchange

2. In the File Dialog, change to the Output Directory, select the .min file, and then open.

3. In the Save Dialog, change your Type to .LLB.

4. Hit Save.

5. Select Tools / Library Manager.

6. Click Add in Library manager and select the .LLB that has been created.

7. Select the Library in the Libraries List, and select the Footprint you wish to edit.

Your parts have now been successfully imported and are ready to use!