PCB Footprint Expert - USER GUIDE

Activate/Update SL Key

The SL License Key that is located on the server, must be activated from the server, not any client PC.

1. One the server, point a browser to http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html - if error, install Sentinel/HASP Drivers

2. Run the Key Update program. If you already installed the Footprint Expert Enterprise, you can find it in the HASP folder. If are activating on the server, and do not want to install the Footprint Expert on the server, you can just download the Key Update from here.

3. Locate the "PCBL Remote Key Update.exe" program and (important!) right-click, select "Run as Administrator". This program is typically located in the HASP folder of the Footprint Expert directory. By default, on a Windows 10 machine, it will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCB Libraries\Footprint Expert\HASP

4. Select the appropriate option, based on your license:
    - SL License (previously activated): "Update existing"
    - NEW SL License (never activated): "Install new key"

Click the [Collect Information] button. What this does is it compiles an image of the key, which you will send to us. Note, the USB Key (Single and Network) may be activated on any computer, even if different than where the PCB Footprint Expert will reside.

5. IF given a selection, select "SL".

6. Save to "[YourCompanyName].c2v" (C2V = Customer to Vendor), and send via email to PCBL (reply to order confirmation email). We will send you a V2C (Vendor to Customer) update file.

7. NEW SL Key activations ONLY - place the PCB Libraries Gemalto Vendor DLL on the server:
    - Download DLL from here
    - Extract DLL to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP

8. Once you get the V2C file from us, save it on your computer, then click "Apply License Update" tab.

9. Select the V2C file sent to you and click [Apply Update] button.

10. Success message should appear.

That should be it!

To verify, run the program and see if you have the licensed features.


If you get an error / Key Not Found error, open a browser and point it to the Admin Control Center http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html, if you use multiple Gemalto/SafeNet keys, PCB Libraries Vendor Code is 98135. Note, this page gives you access to the following information:
    NOTE: If you get "Could not determine the version of the license manager" you are most likely using obsolete HASP drivers:
      - Download the "Sentinel LDK Run-time Installer"
      - Unplug any other HASP key you might have
      - Run "HASPUserSetup.exe", using all default options

    If you see the Key ID listed here, proceed. Otherwise repeat Step 2 or contact PCB Libraries Support.