PCB Library Expert Enterprise & Builder - POD Credits

NOTE: FPX files from POD will updated to be compatible with newest version of the Library Expert. It is important you use the latest Library Expert or the data you download may be incompatible!!

POD Credits

POD credits may be used to download certain content from our Parts on Demand database. These credits will be assigned to the account purchased and/or specified at time of purchase, do not expire, are non-transferrable, and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Note: New POD Credits may take up to 24 hours to post to your account.


  • The latest version of the Library Expert
  • USB Key ID or POD Builder ID where these credits should be assigned
  • Internet access to search/download parts from POD

Please note, it's important that you only purchase credits you will use while you have the latest released version. If you do not upgrade to the latest Library Expert version, you may have compatibility issues with downloaded FPX files from POD. There are no refunds or adjustments for unused credits or parts downloaded that are not compatible with older versions of the Library Expert (use the latest release).