PCB Libraries - Who We Are...

Who We Are

PCB Libraries is a culmination of decades of work, first started in 2003 with the bold vision of developing a “One World Standard PCB Library”. CAD library solutions developed by PCB Libraries has been used by over one hundred thousand PCB designers and engineers world-wide. The latest and greatest "PCB Library Expert" is designed to eliminate a vast amount duplication of effort wasted by - footprints and 3D models.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality and most affordable PCB design solutions available, at the lowest cost possible. You get free auto-updates, free technical support, free training via videos, free discussion forum, and last but not least, NO yearly maintenance payment! We hope you will join us and be with us from the 'new beginning' as we start afresh on this venture.

PCB Libraries has bigger and better ideas, energized and motivated more than ever! We have started to roll out an unparalleled product, and soon a service that we hope will revolutionize the electronics manufacturing industry.

Our model going forward is based on a radical increase of involvement by the PCB design community.