Footprint Expert Pro - Tens of Millions of FREE PARTS

tens of millions of FREE partS!

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The Footprint Expert Pro lets you automatically build footprints and use in your PCB design projects, for literally NO COST. The sky is the limit. Completely FREE with registration / login.

To access save/retrieve/edit functions for part data and preferences (tolerances, line widths, pad shapes, etc.), get the Enterprise edition.

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Detailed Features

  1. Compliant with industry standards:
         - IPC-7351 - compliant mathematical calculations
         - IPC-J-STD-001 - compliant solder joint goals
         - IEC 61188.7 - compliant default zero component orientation
  2. FREE unlimited use as calculator - use to calculate footprints for any CAD tool
  3. Free training and technical support - Contact Us
  4. Free Pro outputs: Design Spark, EAGLE, KiCad, McCAD, Pantheon, Pulsonix, Solo PCB, TARGET 3001!
  5. Full Enterprise outputs also include: 3D STEP, Allegro, Altium Designer, Altium Nexus, Board Station, CADint, CADSTAR, CircuitStudio,
         CR5000, CR8000, DipTrace, eCADSTAR, OrCAD PCB, P-CAD, PADS / Siemens, Proteus, Xpedition)
         The full Enterprise Edition supports 3D STEP model export directly from package dimensions - User control of Body, Lead and Polarity Color assignments,
         PTH Lead Length, Y & Z Vertical Axis, Least, Nominal and Maximum Material Condition, Low & High Quality, 180 different component families
  6. 44 major Surface Mount component families and 71 sub-families = 115 total families
  7. 26 major Through-hole component families and 39 sub-families = 65 total families
  8. FP Designer module for non-standard for connectors, semiconductors, and discrete (using manufacturer-recommended patterns)
  9. Preference Options include:
         - Terminal Settings for Pad Place Round-off, Solder and Paste Mask, Fabrication and Assembly Tolerances, 3 Density Levels,
           Courtyard to Body & Courtyard to Pad, Toe Heel and Side solder joint goals
         - Rules for minimum Pad to Pad, Pad to Thermal, Minimum Solder mask Web, Gang Mask, Minimum Stand-off Pad Trimming,
          Rounded Rectangular Radius Settings, Thermal Pad Solder & Paste Mask
         - Drafting rules for Silkscreen Legend, Assembly, Courtyard, Component and Terminal Lead Outlines, Reference Designators,
          Polarity Marking Automation and feature on/off buttons
         - Settings for Units, Pin 1 Orientation, Origin Location, Pads on Assembly, Pad Shapes
  10. Settings for Mfr. Recommended Footprint patterns
  11. Print preview available
  12. Add 8 different Polarity Marking shapes for Silkscreen Legend and Assembly Top & Bottom layers
  13. Add Keep-outs for Top. Bottom or All Layers for Placement & Height, Trace, Copper, Via, Test Point and round, rectangle, square or map to courtyard shapes, any size and location
  14. Turn Layers on/off to display any layer to the top
  15. Footprint features for Panning, Zoom in & out, Mirror, Rotate
  16. Tools for PADS to CAD, Convert units, Pad Stack and Hole Size Calculator and Axial Lead Form Calculator
  17. Footprint Expert Pro is the ultimate FREE footprint in the electronics industry, period! 3D STEP is also availble at a very low cost.
          Truly a must-have tool for every PCB Designer, CAD Librarian and EE Engineer worldwide.