FREE Footprint Expert "POD Builder"

The Footprint Expert "POD Builder" is powered by our CAD LEAPTM Technology (Libraries Enhanced with Automated Preferences), found in the Footprint Expert Enterprise. This lets you apply your preferences to our "Parts on Demand" database to get your uniquely-created part! If you are just an occasional user, you can save a LOT of time and effort, while getting top quality libraries for pennies on the dollar, built to the rules/standards you need!

  • Footprint Expert Enterprise: Buy software, get FREE parts
  • Footprint Expert POD: FREE software, pay per part ($1-2 per existing part)
  • NEW Part Requests: $5 Enterprise / $7 POD Builder
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Download FREE POD Builder

User Preferences

The Footprint Expert offers complete control of all the settings you can imagine to create a highly personalized library, or you can simply use the default settings that are defined in the IPC-7351B or the upcoming IPC-7351C standard. There is no limit on the number of preference files you can create. You can create one or as many "DAT" preference files as needed (each with different rule settings) to produce multiple, customized libraries

Preference files allow management to standardize how libraries are build throughout organization. This helps ensure quality and consistency.

Many dozens of preferences may be customized to suit your needs: pad shapes, tolerances, polarity markings, line widths, colors, layers, rotation, and many more!

See partial list to the right.

  • Drafting Outlines
         Silkscreen, Assembly, Courtyard, Component
         Body, and Lead Terminals
  • SMD Pad Shapes
         Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle,
         Oblong, D-Shape
  • PTH Pad Shapes
         Round, Square, Slotted Hole,
         Rectangle/Oblong (offset also)
  • Footprint Rotations for Pin 1
         Upper/Lower Left, set by component family
  • Footprint Density Level
         Least, Nominal, Most, manufacturer
         recommended, and more options coming!
  • Pad Spacing Rules
  • Solder Joint Goals
         Toe, Heel, Side
  • Solder and Paste Mask (over/under) Sizes
  • Full Library Editing / Management
         Footprint Name, Physical Description, Case
         Code, Manufacturer Name, Part Number,
         Logical Description, Datasheet Link
         Add & customize your own: Corporate
         Part Number, Value, Vendor Name,
         Created By, Project ID, etc.
  • Custom Component Packages
  • 3D STEP Model
         High quality, custom color per part type,
         user definable PTH lead length, vertical
         axis "Y" or "Z", material condition (Least,
         Nominal, Most)

CAD Tools / Outputs

3D STEP  -  Allegro  -  Altium Designer
Board Station  -  CADint  -  CADSTAR  -  CR-5000
DesignSpark  -  DipTrace  -  EAGLE  - McCAD
OrCAD Layout  -  OrCAD PCB - PADS / Siemens
Pantheon  -  P-CAD  -  Proteus - Pulsonix
Solo PCB  -  Target3000! - Xpedition - Ultiboard

Library Management

Batch-build entire libraries, add your own unique type of data, move parts between data files, configure local/remote location of datasheets, and ensure quality and consistency for your customers!

IPC Compliance

We are actively involved in the IPC-7351 committee and keep our software updated, it's even compliant with the upcoming IPC-7351 C revision!

Have unique requirements? Our user preferences are more flexible than ever!