BOM Builder Service

Our BOM Builder service is a complimentary part building service that really can shave days off every PCB design! By taking advantage of this anytime (24/7) service, you no longer need to waste time to search online for library data, or worse - build libraries yourself!

Who is eligible?

Footprint Expert Enterprise customers with the latest Footprint Expert version, and an active POD Subscription. We provide parts in FPX format to take full advantage of our cutting-edge CAD LEAPTM Technology (Libraries Enhanced with Automated Preferences).

Get Started!

Send us your BOM (Part Number and respective Manufacturer Name), and we will:

  1. Extract all existing parts from our database
  2. Add all missing data (logical description, datasheet links, etc)
  3. Build remaining parts - optional (prices from $5/part)
  4. Send you the completed BOM with summary of all built parts

If you're using our complimentary BOM Builder Service, please send us an Excel spreadsheet of the Part Numbers and their corresponding Manufacturer Names.

All new parts get added to the master POD library database for future availability.

Our target turnaround time is within 24 hours. This BOM Builder service is provided on a first come, first served basis.

We continue to build standard parts for free, if the appropriate Case Code, Logical Description and Datasheet Link is provided for each part.
NOTE: the paid/purchased service takes priority over the free service, contact us to determine if/when the free service is available.

Note: Prices for this service are subject to change - all published prices are applicable and guaranteed only for BOMs in queue, or as otherwise individually quoted by Sales. Changes to prices will be applicable only to new BOMs which are not in queue at time of change. Monthly limits for FPX files we send back are based on Footprint Expert Pro license type purchased: 250 (Single User) and 500 (Network).