PCBL News - PCB Library Expert 2013 Released

Des Plaines, IL – PCB Libraries just release the next generation of the Footprint Expert, now called the "PCB Library Expert" version 2013 - an advanced software tool that will take component data and automatically create footprints and 3D models based on predefined settings.

The new Library Expert version 2013 now includes a "Footprint Designer" module, which allows users to create footprints for non-standard components with asymmetrical, arbitrary-style leads. "This breakthrough will basically double the amount of parts a user can create with this tool," said Tom Hausherr, CEO and founder of PCB Libraries. "This newly developed module will enable users to create footprints for 9 of 10 components used in a typical project."

This new Library Expert release comes on the heels of the adoption of this tool by IPC, who now distributes it along with library documentation consisting of 5,000 components.

The PCB Library Expert currently outputs to formats readable by Allegro, OrCAD PCB, OrCAD Layout, CADint, Altium, DesignSpark, Expedition, PADS Layout, CADSTAR, CR-5000, Pantheon, Pulsonix, P-CAD, Ultiboard, Target 3001!, EAGLE, DipTrace and Board Station, with 3D STEP and SoloPCB in development. The company is also building a centralized repository for libraries in all CAD formats. The Library Expert Lite is free and outputs to the CAD formats mentioned above. To download it at no cost, register at www.PCBLibraries.com.

About PCB Libraries
PCB Libraries is a CAD-neutral company that seeks to benefit the industry as a whole. PCB Libraries is a member of the IPC-2581 Consortium to promote an open, neutral, global standard for design data transfer. PCB Libraries is led by veteran technologists in pursuit of simplifying PCB library development and management.