PCB Footprint Expert Enterprise - Software Subscription

We now offer the FULL Enterprise license at no cost, other than annual maintenance! This makes all the most powerful Enterprise features available, with an 80% discount!

Features included with subscription:

Calculator – Enter component dimensions to calculate and output footprints or 3D STEP, depending on license
Library Editor – Save, retrieve, edit parts, even track parts by user-specified data (Project ID, customer, etc)
Options – Globally or selectively modify preferences such as Drafting Outlines, Pad Shapes, Pad Stack Rules, Solder Joint Goals, Courtyard Excess and much more
Batch Build – Batch build multiple parts or entire library with modified preferences
FP Designer – Create non-standard packages footprints, such as complex connectors and mixed through-hole and SMD pad stacks
Floating License – License gets checked out online according to allotted number of computers, via Internet connection (required)
ALL Updates – Updates released during your subscription period, including the new 100% rewritten v2021 Footprint Expert, currently available in Beta testing (due for release this month)

Parts on Demand (POD) Subscription
- 2+ million parts ready to use with your specified preferences, available with optional POD Subscription ($0.05/part) or POD Credits ($1 or $2 / part); and new part requests (outsource library work to us for as little as $5 per part that is not in our database). Software subscriptions do NOT automatically include POD Subscription nor POD Credits, if you need these, they are available for purchase separately.

Get started today! Select a license option on the right, or Contact Us or a Distributor for multiple CAD options, or to consolidate subscription end dates with other licenses/subscriptions.