PCB Footprint Expert Enterprise - Software Subscription

We now offer the FULL Enterprise license at no cost, other than annual maintenance! This makes all the most powerful Enterprise features available, with an 80% discount!

Features included with subscription:

Calculator – Enter component dimensions to calculate and output footprints or 3D STEP, depending on license
Library Editor – Save, retrieve, edit parts, even track parts by user-specified data (Project ID, customer, etc)
Options – Globally or selectively modify preferences such as Drafting Outlines, Pad Shapes, Pad Stack Rules, Solder Joint Goals, Courtyard Excess and much more
Batch Build – Batch build multiple parts or entire library with modified preferences
FP Designer – Create non-standard packages footprints, such as complex connectors and mixed through-hole and SMD pad stacks
Floating License – License gets checked out online according to allotted number of computers, via Internet connection (required)
ALL Updates – Updates released during your subscription period, including the new 100% rewritten v2021 Footprint Expert, currently available in Beta testing (due for release this month)

Get started today! Select a license option on the right, or Contact Us or a Distributor for multiple CAD options, or to consolidate subscription end dates with other licenses/subscriptions.