Free 3D Images - Surface Mount Passive

These high-resolution graphics are royalty-free! Those noted may be downloaded without loggin in, but others require free registration/login. Download and view the 3D-rendered part, then rotate to your required angle and capture a screen shot. To get the highest possible resolution, maximize your monitor's resolution and use "Fit Page Width" view in Adobe Acrobat to get the highest resolution possible.

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Chip Array Concave 2 Sides

Chip Array Concave 4 Sides

Chip Array Convex E-Version

Chip Array Convex S-Version

Chip Array Flat Lead 2-Sides

Chip Array Flat Lead 4-Sides

Inductor Side Concave 2-Pin

Inductor Side Concave 4-Pin

Chip Capacitor Wire Rectangular

Chip Thermistor

Chip Fuse

Chip Diode Non-Polarized
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Chip Diode Polarized

Chip Capacitor
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Chip Inductor

Chip Fuse

Chip LED 0603

Chip LED 1206

Chip Resistor

Chip Varistor


Diode Side Concave 2-Pin

Dual Flat No-Lead 2-Pin

Dual Flat No-Lead 2-Pin Crystal

Dual Flat No-Lead 3-Pin
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Dual Flat No-Lead 4-Pin

LED Side Concave 2-Pin

LED Side Concave 4-Pin

Metal Electrode Leadless Face Diode (MELF)

Metal Electrode Leadless Face Resistor (MELF)

Molded Body Capacitor Non-Polarized

Molded Body Capacitor Polarized

Molded Body Diode Non-Polarized

Molded Body Diode Polarized

Molded Body Fuse

Molded Body Inductor

Molded Body Inductor Precision

Molded Body LED

Molded Body Resistor

Oscillator Corner Concave

Oscillator J-Lead

Oscillator L-Bend

Oscillator Side Concave (4 Pin)

Oscillator Side Concave (6 Pin)

Oscillator with Pullback No-Lead Max

Oscillator with Pullback No-Lead Min

Crystal Side Concave 2-Pin

  Diode Side Concave 4-Pin

Small Outline Diode (SOD)

Small Outline Diode Flat Lead (SODFL)

Small Outline Transistor (SOT143)

Small Outline Transistor (SOT223)

Small Outline Transistor
3-Pin (SOT23)

Small Outline Transistor
5-Pin (SOT23)

Small Outline Transistor
6-Pin (SOT23)

Small Outline Transistor
8-Pin (SOT23)

SOP Mini

Small Outline Transistor
Flat Lead 6-Pin (SOTFL)


Wirewound Inductor

Transistor Outline (DPAK)

SOT-89 3-Pin

SOT-89 5-Pin