Footprint Expert - Version Comparison

The Footprint Expert product line is diversified to suit your specific needs, whether you are looking for one quality part or an entire library of parts. If you want to evaluate the more powerful library management features of the Footprint Expert, please register or login to request access to the Evaluation version.

The download link below gets you both versions - just choose what you want to use!

FREE Fully-Functional Evaluation        

Free License
Purchased License
Parts on Demand (POD) - 2 million parts*
    - Access individual parts for 3D STEP
    - Access individual parts for CAD


$1 / part*
$1 / part*

Request new parts
    - New part requests start at only $5 (see details here)
    - POD Credits needed
      New part request process is not ITAR compliant

IPC-7351 Compliant mathematical calculations
IPC-7352 Compliant
IPC J-STD-001 Compliant for solder joint goals
IEC 61188-7 Compliant Default Zero Component Orientation
Rotate or Mirror component & Footprints
Query Pad Stack and Drafting features
Toggle Layers and change colors
Automatically generate parts from component dimensions
ITAR Compliant**
Browse FPX Files to View component and footprint dimensions
   (allow co-workers and customers to browse your personal library)
Open unlimited selective Preference files
Multiple users can share same Global Option files (preferences)
Output 3D STEP
Output footprints to CAD formats***
Print datasheet
Enter component dimension to automatically generate parts
Automatically build parts without limit on pin quantity
Calculate, create and modify all IPC-compliant footprints you need!
CAD LEAPTM Technology (Libraries Enhanecd with Automated Preferences) - dozens of options to auto-rebuild entire libraries
Create non-standard parts (asymmetrical, different size/shape pads)
Utilities (unit, hole/pad size, & axial lead form calculators)
Browse, edit, update FPX library files
Batch-build and mass-edit entire CAD libraries in seconds
Network use, company-wide solutions for team collaboration
Create customized footprints for unique needs (modify options)

* Standard parts are 1 POD Credit, Non-standard parts are 2 POD Credits.

** The Enterprise Single User and Network Licenses are self-hosted; they can be run completely offline without any internet connection. The Cloud License, however does require an internet connection. You can also use the online Parts on Demand, but any new part requests via POD are not ITAR compliant.

*** All Footprint Expert outputs (CAD formats and 3D STEP) are licensed separately. FPX data can be converted to 3D STEP only for standard parts (all Surface Mount and Through-hole component families listed in the Footprint Expert), not the more unique parts, such as connectors.

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