Footprints & 3D Models with Customizable Preferences


Our component data is in a CAD-neutral format, which the Footprint Expert can auto/batch-build using IPC-7351 guideline and your own pre-defined preferences!

Access 2 million parts for as little as $0.05 per part via
POD Subscription, or $1 - $2 per part via POD Credits.


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To use our complimentary BOM Service, send your Excel spreadsheet that includes at least two columns: "Manufacturer Name" and "Part Number" to:

- POD Subscriptions can be used in conjunction with any edition of the Footprint Expert
- POD Builder users will be deducted as little as 5 credits upon request, and the balance (1 or 2 credits) upon delivery. Get the Enterprise version to get cheaper parts and to save time! We highly recommend using the latest release for all parts to ensure compatibility. Note: new part requests start at only $5; there is a surcharge for very complex and/or confidential parts that cannot be posted publicly (see Part Request page for details).

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