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Footprint Expert 2022.01 Released!!

Printed From: PCB Libraries Forum
Category: PCB Footprint Expert
Forum Name: Version History
Forum Description: software version release announcements & history
Printed Date: 05 Dec 2023 at 10:17pm

Topic: Footprint Expert 2022.01 Released!!
Posted By: Nick B
Subject: Footprint Expert 2022.01 Released!!
Date Posted: 28 Jan 2022 at 4:40pm" rel="nofollow -

Updates & Bugs Fixed:
    • Console Options:
      • IMPORTANT!: If you installed the V2022.01 pre-release you should manually delete ConsoleOptions.opt in this folder
        C:\Program Files (x86)\PCB Libraries\Footprint Expert 2022
      • When you open Footprint Expert it will auto-generate a new ConsoleOptions.opt that you can edit and save
    • Redesigned the Decimal Place Accuracy Units interface
    • Add new decimal place accuracy for Pad Size and Pad Place
  • Options:
    • Options > Drafting > Silkscreen Line Width:
      • The Silkscreen Line Widths were not applying the assigned Density Level line width
    • Options > Components > BGA
      • If the “Add Fiducials if Pin Pitch” is any value other than 0.00, Batch Build auto-generates Fiducials outside the range specified
  • FPX File Converter:
    • 3-pin DFN component family was swapping the G & G1 dimensions
  • 3D STEP:
    • Radial Electrolytic Capacitor component family:
      • Colorizing Pin 1 was reversed in the 3D STEP output
    • SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor: 
      • Chamfered silkscreen outline was not matching the 3D STEP model chamfer
    • CFP and CQFP component families
      • Models were updated to remove the radius edges
    • All Component Families:
      • When changing a 3D model color to a Custom color, the color text name now indicates “Custom Color”
  • Calculators:
    • DPAK component family:
      • Fixed an issue where you could not Hide or Delete pins after a pin rename
    • Chip component family:
      • Added a new silkscreen outline feature for small chips that could not produce a line without violating the Option rules
    • CQFP component family with large pin pitch:
      • Pin 1 polarity line was placing it on the right side of Pin 1
  • Library Utilities:
    • The Utilities > Update BOM From Library is the Cloud License version did not work
  • CAD Interfaces:
    • Xpedition:
      • Added .asc file name when outputting ASCII version
    • PADS Standard:
      • Changed Version 10 to Version VX
    • General:
      • Added a Create and Close button to reduce mouse clicks
    • Altium:
      • Outputting 3D STEP added a Density Level Suffix in the .pas file to the 3D model name
      • Updated the Bottom Side Assembly Outline in the translator to be optional
      • Added a new feature that auto-deletes the PCBComponent_1 when creating a New Library
      • Now saves then reopens a library when a new part is added to enable properties
    • 3D STEP:
    • Translator output was not allowing saving a .STEP file to a separate directory folder 

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