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Why do footprint names indicate transistor vs IC?

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Topic: Why do footprint names indicate transistor vs IC?
Posted By: adevries
Subject: Why do footprint names indicate transistor vs IC?
Date Posted: 22 Sep 2020 at 5:52pm

I've been looking through the Library Expert Pro 2020 software, as well as the Land Pattern Naming Convention, and I noticed that some footprints make a distinction when it comes to the function of the part. For example, there is no generic small outline flat lead (SOFL) footprint. If the part is an IC, the name starts with "ICSOFL", if the part is a transistor, the name instead starts with "TRXSOFL". Why does the name change depending on the function of the part? By following this convention, if I have an IC and a transistor in identical SOFL packages, they would map to different footprints. Is this ever a desirable situation? Why not just group all SOFL packages under the name "SOFL"?

I have the same question about "TRXDFN" vs "SON"

Posted By: Tom H
Date Posted: 23 Sep 2020 at 8:37am
The Footprint and the 3D STEP model are the same naming convention. 

The 3D model could have different color body, terminals, polarity marker. 

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