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Library Expert 2018.08 Released!!

Printed From: PCB Libraries Forum
Category: PCB Footprint Expert
Forum Name: Version History
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Printed Date: 05 Dec 2023 at 9:33pm

Topic: Library Expert 2018.08 Released!!
Posted By: Nick B
Subject: Library Expert 2018.08 Released!!
Date Posted: 22 Oct 2018 at 3:29pm" rel="nofollow -

  • General
    • Added IPC-7351C Preference File – IPC-7351C_DefaultPreferences
      • All negative solder joint values were changed to 0.00
      • The fabrication and Assembly tolerances were changed to 0.00
  • Altium:
    • Added the ability to create and focus a temporary component before building the specified footprints. This temporary component will delete and re-focus after footprints are built.
    • Rather than Create the Component directly, a new function called CreateAComponent has been added. This function will check if there is a currently existing component of that name and remove it and all of its primitives. If there isn’t, it will simply create the part normally. The footprint will then be built as specified, essentially taking its place. This should allow for a better handling of the updating of parts in Altium during script generation.
  • OrCAD PCB/Allegro V17.2.048:
    • An extra version has been added called 17.2.048. 048 has added an extra UI window, and 048 specific code was added to bypass it. Not everyone has the Allegro 048 patch, so for the time being I’m leaving the original translator alone while adding this one for 048 and later. Simply use the translator that matches the level of patch for that tool you have installed.
  • 3D STEP
    • SOT23, SOT143 and SOT223 - Bodies have been set to scale to very small sizes, and a Pin 1 Designator that will also scale to very small sizes has been added and will stay in front of the Pin 1, regardless of where it is.
    • Updated the SOP component family to have scalable polarity markers for micro-miniature packages
    • The 3D Model for DPAK will now have a full thermal tab going into a cavity of the part, taking into account the D2 dimension; added the ability to generate a model without side walls for the thermal tab, for parts where the body of the DPAK in width, is less than or equal to the thermal tab width
    • All vertical and right-angle headers were updated to be compatible with SolidWorks V2018
    • All STEP models which have a Thermal Tab have been simplified to remove the use of cavities for the tab to sit in, and had bugs fixed to display properly in Solid Works 2018. The tab will now rest between the model body and the board.
  • Yearly Maintenance Reminder:
    • Added feature to the “Help > Installed Options”
       Check for – Software Updates
       Check for – Maintenance Renewal


  • Calculator:
    • 3-Pin DFN: the larger pad in a was redefined from a Thermal Pad to a Bottom Only Terminal
  • Xpedition:
    • Round Keep-outs now Translate properly
  • OrCAD PCB/Allegro V16.6:
    • Fixed a solder mask regression issue that was introduced in V2018.05; Library Expert was not outputting solder mask in versions 05, 06 and 07
  • Altium Designer:
    • Fixed an issue with mixed parts where the layers differ. Ex: No top pad, but a rounded rectangular pad on the middle and the bottom. Previously, it would only use the top layer as a ‘Simple’ pad.
  • Zuken CR5000/8000:
    • Adjusted the IPC-7351 naming so that chamfered/rounded paste mask and solder mask pads that differ from the Top would include the chamfered/rounded size in the name. This should help prevent naming collision.
  • 3D STEP:
    • Fixed a bug with the LGA model
    • Fixed the CGA, CAPAE, and TO-220H model
    • Thermal Tabs (Chamfer w/Straight Edges) – Fixed an issue that was causing the model to display improperly
    • 2, 4 Pin Side Concave XTAL – Fixed an issue with the colors that was causing it to crash 

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