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Library Expert 2015.08 Released!!

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Printed Date: 02 Apr 2023 at 4:55am

Topic: Library Expert 2015.08 Released!!
Posted By: Nick B
Subject: Library Expert 2015.08 Released!!
Date Posted: 11 Feb 2015 at 3:44pm" rel="nofollow - Version 2015.08 was just released !!" rel="nofollow">


  • User Preferences:
    • When any of the IPC 3-Tier Environments are selected, the User Preference Options turn off; this new feature eliminates the confusion between Default and User Preferences
    • Drafting > Assembly > Polarity Chamfer, new button to toggle the assembly outline polarity chamfer
    • Drafting > Courtyard > Contour Courtyards, new button to toggle between Contour and Rectangle courtyards
  • Calculator:
    • New Component Family for Radial Dipped Non-polarized Capacitors
    • New Component Family for Radial Molded Resistors
  • Library Editor:
    • BOM Search now available to compare your Bill of Material with your FPX to auto-populate Footprint Name column; added new Help instructions for this new feature


  • Calculator:
    • Axial Lead Diode pin names can now handle Numeric Pins (RMB)
  • Library Editor:
    • You can now “File > Save As > V2015 FPX format”. This converts the FPX file to XML format to handle Unique component packages on Parts on Demand (POD) and Request a Part.
    • When importing one FPX file into another, duplicate part numbers now throw an error message
    • Fixed a problem in saving and viewing when you delete a part, and then import the same part back into the FPX library
  • User Preferences:
    • Pin 1 Dot can now be turned off by changing the value to 0 (zero)
  • Allegro:
    • Slots now have their proper plating value
    • Hole orientation has been tweaked to be proper for slotted holes
    • Fixed a bug that was causing anti-pads to always be oblong shaped, even when the pad wasn’t
    • Fixed rotation issues in dealing with pad stacks that contained polys
  • CR-5000:
    • Pads are no longer being mirrored to the bottom layers for surface mount pad stacks
  • Expedition:
    • Pad Stack Names will now adhere to the FPX Pad Stack Names
    • Non-Plated Mounting Holes have been fixed so the Donut Shape imports properly
  • PADS Layout:
    • Fixed issues in dealing with pad stacks that contained copper polys
  • PADS to CAD Translator:
    • Updated the code for creating XML FPX files
  • Proteus:
    • Fixed an issue with the TranslatorOutput not pulling the correct value as a default should no preferences be found
  • Request a Part
    • You can now request as many parts as you need for your PCB design project

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