Footprints & 3D Models with Customizable Preferences


LEOur component data is in a CAD-neutral format, which the Library Expert Enterprise and POD Builder can auto/batch-build using IPC-7351 or with your own pre-defined preferences!

Existing 1 million parts:
- LE Enterprise customers: FREE parts*
- POD Builder: $1 - $2 per part

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Part not found? Get it as little as:

     $5 - LE Professional
     $7 - LE POD Builder


If you're using our complimentary BOM Builder Service, please make sure to format your FPX file per the steps outlined here - a 5 minute process that will help us expedite the BOM for you!

*Library Expert Enterprise customers get complimentary access to POD while the purchased license they have is the latest available.
LE POD Builder (free) users will be deducted 5 credits upon request, and the balance upon delivery. Get the Enterprise version to get cheaper parts and to save time! We highly recommend using the latest release for all parts to ensure compatibility. Note: new part requests are $5 for 99% of the parts; really complex parts that take more than 2 hours to build will be charged double.

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